The I Am A King Team

ELIZABETH ELLIOTT, Visionary, Author

Headshot of Elizabeth Elliott, the author. Elizabeth Elliott is a creative whirlwind, committed to telling stories that celebrate Black Excellence. She says, "My children's survival and success are my greatest accomplishment. I have seen my son suffer the humiliation of being judged and discriminated against because of the color of his skin." The author is proud to say that her son, Amari, (the inspiration for this book) spent a semester abroad in Thailand, graduated from Amherst College, and is now working as a Research Specialist in infectious diseases. Elliott's daughter, Nadiyah, 14, is in 8th grade, an A student, plays the viola and is learning Mandarin Chinese. She has been on the Principal's Honor Roll every one of her school years. Ms. Elliott's next project is an animated series about Black girl magic.

SHAY PAGE, Illustrator

Headshot of Shay Page, the illustrator. Shay Page is an artist of many talents, including illustration, graphic design, painting, digital drawing, crafting, costume making, modeling, photography, and music. She says, "I am an eager and creative illustrator who is always looking for new ways to bring art into this world."

She has illustrated numerous children's books, and can be reached at


Headshot of Kim Green, the editor. Kim Green is an indefatigable writer. She has written all forms of communications including fiction and non-fiction books, short stories and essays. As an editor, she says, "It's important to me that the works that I edit communicate exactly what the author intended. I do not change their work; I just make it come alive." Kim is the author of two novels, hallucination and her newest, Vicissitudes, which will be released in February 2021.

She can be reached at