"The George Floyd murder was so heavy on my heart that I had to stop everything I was doing to write I Am a King. This book hits very close to home. I remember when my son was a young boy and began questioning what he saw on the news. He wanted to know why every time he saw bad people doing bad things, they looked like him? My heart sank at the thought that my son, now 25, lives in a world that still sees him as a threat. Just knowing how inferior Black boys are made to feel by the media's grim portrayal, I needed to write something that would tell Black boys the truth: that they come from Kings and Queens and that their story did not start with slavery. We come from greatness."
— Elizabeth Elliott, Author, I Am a King

A necessary children's book for unprecedented times.

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Black parents everywhere are giving their children “The Talk,” while praying that they will make it home safely. While adults fight over masks and votes, the world is fighting more than one pandemic. Besides Covid-19, racism and hatred are proving to be even deadlier. Black children are struggling to make sense of the angry, hate-filled world of prejudice that they have been born into.

In I Am a King, Amari's mother is compelled to share the truth about the misleading negative images of African Americans that have become too great a burden for our children to shoulder. I Am A King is a story that hopes to put smiles back on Black boys faces. It is the author's intention to help them stand tall in the truth of who they are and the greatness from which they come.

Image of a young black boy in a powerful pose.

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